Here I talk about Customizing Components, Interpolation, and Property Binding.

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What is data binding?

Data binding is a technique, where the data stays in sync between the component and the view. Whenever the user updates the data in the view, Angular updates the component. When the component gets new data, the Angular updates the view.

The data binding in Angular can be broadly classified into two groups.

One way Binding in Angular

In one way binding data flows from one direction. Either from view to component or from component to view.

Understanding which full-stack is better for your project

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Technology Stack is a combination of frameworks and tools utilized in software products. It composed of both client-side and server-side components.

Full-stack development is one of the most versatile development fields to be involved in today

Full Stack developers have the capability to, Switch roles based on requirements, Complete ownership of the design, Flexibility in terms of update, Easy access to design structure at any level.

What is MEAN Stack?

MEAN is an acronym for MongoDB, Express.js, Angular.js, and Node.js. Each of these components has a particular use.

With examples

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Angular Pipes takes data as input and formats or transform the data to display in the template. For more, pipes are used to display data to the end-user. Before that, we can do some manipulations in the data with respect to the end-user. View and pipes change the appearance of the data. Pipes will never modify the data in the component class. They will only do the intermediate modifications that will be displayed in the view. Original data will not be modified.

Angular Pipes Syntax


Expression: Is the expression, which you want to transform

|: Is the pipe character

Let’s talk about Angular Class Binding, Style Binding, and Event Binding

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Class Binding in Angular

The Angular Class binding is used to add or remove classes to and from the HTML elements. You can add CSS Classes conditionally to an element, hence creating a dynamically styled element. The Angular provides the three ways to add/remove classes to and from the element

In this example, I am working with inline style template. If you want to add styles for h2 element, you can use CSS class selector followed by the property.

Here I talk about Angular CLI installation and Angular components

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Angular CLI installation:

The Angular CLI creates the angular Application and uses Typescript, webpack (for Module bundling), karma(for unit testing), Protractor (for an end to end testing)

npm install -g @angular/cli

Create a new Angular application:

ng new MyFirstApp

Here we talk about Basic concepts of python list, Python list-built-in list functions, and list-Built-in methods with examples

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In Python programming, a list is created by placing all the items (elements) inside square brackets [], separated by commas. It can have any number of items and they may be of different types (integer, float, string, etc.).

How to create a python list?

To create python list of items, you need to mention the items, separated by commas, in square brackets.

Important: you don’t need to declare the data type, because Python is dynamically-typed.

Let’s see how to create a list and print it

How to access an element from a list?

List items are indexed and you…

Using for loop with else, break, continue, pass statements and python lists, python nested for loops and range() function

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Let’s say we had a list for vegetable and contains three items. If you want to access each item in the list individually, We would use for loop.

We started with the keyword “for” and give the name of the single item. In this case, we might call it vegetable and then we use the “in” keyword and finally the list that we loop through which is named “vegetables”.

Important: Whenever you see a colon, the indentation is really important. Because if it’s intended, then it means that it inside the for a loop.

Example 01: Get the average…

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